ABS Steel Bertoli Safau S.p.A.

Absolute Steel Quality


La gamma di produzione di acciai speciali da costruzione tra le più ampie in Europa e nel mondo
  • Ingots.
  • Rough by continuous casting.
  • Laminates.
  • Forgings.
  • Cold-worked.
  • Aggregates.
A new marketing office on a state of the art and technology
For the creation of the new marketing office of Abs, was required the introduction of a new technology for the management of product information.
Abs manages product contents in an unstructured way.
He could not easily obtain the technical sheets customized.
It did not have a flexible tool for the management of the site.
The paper, web and tablet must be integrated.
The marketing and communications office needed a flexible tool to insert varied contents.
The documents must contain a lot of pictures and graphics output was vital.
EKR-PE allowed to obtain in a quite easily way satisfactory results and to improve the communication of products
The data were organized in a correct way for the creation of marketing documentation.
Now are managed in a structured way all institutional and product information concerning the various types of special steels.
It has created an automatic and custom system that collects data publishing them in different ways.
The table data are reprocessed into more structures for different types of output.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Possible future integration with SAP in a way that the contents of management will be automatically propagated to the documentation.
  • Full freedom to modify and integrate product contents and to build variables structures for each page (both paper and web).
  • Correctness of the contents and documents in multiple languages with impeccable graphics without the need to have specific skills in graphics.