Refrigeration systems for supermarkets


An international leader in the design, production and installation of refrigeration systems in the retail industry.
  • Refrigerated cabinets.
  • Furniture not refrigerated.
  • Eateries.
  • Refrigeration systems.
A complex budget but always updating
For years, the budget of Arneg was prepared using conventional manual systems (word and indesign), and its management needed a lot of resources.
Times always more close, continuous variations and graphics needs increasingly required an high effort in the creation of a document in a simple appearance.
The method of creating the budget for Arneg Spa was very different from the management of the consolidated budget of Arneg Group.
While it was written the descriptive part, the numbers within the texts themselves and tables changed on a frequent basis.
Complete budget in certain times
The creation of the budget in a short time was for Arneg a special requirement.
It was essential to monitor the several numbers coming from many different sources without any manual intervention.
It had to produce their budget in a precise way and in time because he was ready for the board of directors and the shareholders' meeting.
Arneg needed a system capable of ensuring a certain level of accuracy for obtaining a budget with a high quality graphics.
EKR-PE with the Business Reporting module
To realize the Budget book, Arneg adopted EKR-PE with Business Reporting module.
The Business Reporting module allows you to link in a dynamic way all the tables containing the data of budget and integrate the numerical values inside the texts.
The tables that come from management and their individual numbers have a direct integration within the objects of EKR-PE.
By varying of the numerical values in the tables of the budget, the individual data and aggregate data which are in the notes and the management report, updated continuously.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Immediate update of all data related to the management.
  • Reduction of realization time of a structured budget.
  • Output high-quality graphics.
  • Laid out in perfect quality.