Remote controls for industrial cranes, lifting, logistics and construction


Since 1986 Autec designs, produces and commercializes wireless control.
  • Dynamic.
  • Air.
  • Modular.
  • Light.
The manuals and sheets production in Autec
In Autec manuals were produced using Adobe FrameMaker.
The continuous customization of products required a lot of effort to get configured manuals according to the customized product.
The company was focused on managing structured content and tried to finish the whole thing but with instruments not really structured.
The manuals must be produced with a new environment keeping the quality and flexibility of the manual instrument.
It was necessary to manage with great care every sentence and every single component of the manual.
This required a round of testing and manual approval very expensive with unstructured instruments.
The management tool of contents must integrate with the ISO quality management system already present in the company.
The manuals must inserted in the initiative of lean production in which Autec was involved.
The manuals according to the logic of lean production
Each content is now at the right place and is correctly labeled.
It was introduced a strong modularization of contents based on the characteristics of the configuration of each machine.
EKR-PE is used for the production of pages for internal use for the mounting of the remote controls, for the standard production and custom production.
The new document management has reorganized the working methods of the various offices and highlighted the contribution of each individual user.
In Autec has been prepared a visual interface configurator of the remote control.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Certainty of quality in the documentation.
  • Compliance with ISO internal rules.
  • Integration of the various departments involved in the creation of documentation.
  • Centralized management of translations.
  • High-quality graphics.