Blue Box

Leader in cooling


Blue Box is one of the leading companies in the development, production and sales of cooling units and heat pumps.
Prodotti for Saltlux
  • Air Cooled.
  • Water Cooled.
  • Multifunctional units.
  • Roof Top.
  • Precision A.C.
Manuals in Blue Box
The company before inroducing EKR-PE worked with word.
Consequently, it could not proceed in an effective way to the realization and management of the documentation.
The errors were not being tracked and the manuals time of publication was too long.
It was impossible to update the information with a specific constancy and this prevented to obtain certain results in real time.
The main need was to be able to have an immediate tool that could not only ensure correctness and coherence of contents but also ensure a proper functioning in the whole process of the documents creation.
Considered the large number of languages, it was important to have a dynamic environment of translation management.
The EKR-PE environment continues to expand
EKR-PE was introduced in company not only for the manuals but soon you will be able to manage even technical notebooks and price lists.
Now, manuals of Blue Box are realized in eight languages ​​in a short time and reduced costs.
Various techniques are used to make the manuals configurable as the hierarchy, the Multidocument and conditionality.
Thanks to EKR-PE, the data are easily updated by improving the communication of product information.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Immediate updating of product information.
  • Flexible and organized work system.
  • Significant saving in translation costs.