Solutions for automations and access control


Came S.p.A. produces the widest range of automation for residential and industrial inputs, for parking and access control, including the development of home automation systems and burglar alarm.
  • Automations.
  • Automation for curtains.
  • Home automation and security.
  • Parking and access control.
  • Tubi in rame
Too much manual work
The company before EKR worked manually in the implementation of price lists.
This meant long time and a boring work of copy and paste.
Mistakes were frequent and organize the work was too complicated.
There was the need to get correct and updated documentation in short time.
It was necessary a quick and flexible tool in order to collect all the product information.
More flexibility with EKR-PE
EKR-PE was introduced in Came for the solution of custom price list.
The custom price list made for the type of list and cut out according to specific customer needs.
The language price list is parameterized by SAP UI5 mobile app integrated with ERP.
Among the technologies used we can find: SAP R3 and Gateway, SAP UI5, EKR-PE and EKR-PE live connector and SAP for updated data.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Flexibility of EKR-PE platform in the creation of a custom price list.
  • Advanced graphics and high quality.
  • Dynamic management of languages.