Wiring and fixing systems


Elematic, on the market since 1977 as a production company of wiring systems and fittings, has gradually established itself successfully in Italy and in most European countries, thanks to his determination, focus on the customer and the product.
  • Cable ties and accessories.
  • Cable connection.
  • Cable protection.
  • Cabling Tool.
  • Fixing systems.
  • Hand tools.
Catalogs in Elematic
Elematic could not manage the creation of catalogs in an organized and complete way.
The data contained in the catalogs had specific characteristics and needed to be constantly updated.
The company was always in trouble in the creation of catalogs in several languages because they did not have an effective tool for the generation of documents.
Catalogues with complex graphics
The company had the need to organize in a structured way all the articulated contents.
Elematic had the need for a dynamic tool for the management of different data present in the catalogs.
The complexity and diversity of contents made increasingly necessary the research of a flexible platform.
Given the growing number of languages involved, there was the need in having a system for managing the translations.
For Elematic not only was important to get the catalogs well labeled and correct but also to provide high-quality graphics.
EKR-PE was first introduced to the publication of the catalog and then expanded in the web and tablet.
Now all the information is organized and labeled according to a certain logic.
With EKR-PE the job of marketing, graphics and product managers is redefined to create a virtuous flow.
The product manager creates the textual contents.
Graphics work in the aggregation of data and the creation of publications.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Communicative coherence over time.
  • Drastic reduction in the production time of documents in the other languages after the first.
  • Publication on different media.