Industrial components


Over 70 years of leadership in the production of components for plastic and metal industry make ELESA the point of reference for designers and manufacturers.
  • Handwheels.
  • Clamping elements.
  • Handles.
  • Grips.
  • Elements of adjustment.
  • Position indicators.
  • Positioning elements.
  • Fixing elements.
  • Levelling elements and support.
  • Hinges and connections.
  • Closures.
  • Accessories for hydraulic systems.
  • Industrial wheels.
  • Handles for special applications.
  • Connection terminals.
The catalogs management in Elesa
Despite its strong presence in the international market, Elesa did not have a flexible re-organization of the information in the catalogs.
Before EKR-PE, the company worked with a program of automatic layout based on fixed templates.
Elesa lost a lot of time to manually edit the product pages in order to publish them.
First of all flexibility
Given the variety of products, for Elesa was necessary to research a dynamic tool to ensure a degree of efficiency.
Elesa needed to get the detailed and articulated catalogs in specific times and to reorganize the entire workflow.
The company was looking for a more efficient system for the construction of three catalogs: Europe, USA and Elesa+Ganter.
Ganter is a German company in a joint venture that produces metal components, and there was the need to create catalogs by the two companies to collaborate in a flexible manner.
A dynamic system for a structured and organized knowledge base
The project began with a lengthy analysis of the data to be processed.
And was created a system of automatic migration in order to convert, when possible, data from the old CMS into EKR-PE.
Now, thanks to EKR-PE, the contents are well structured, orderly and updated.
EKR Author and EKR Selector have been translated into English to allow their use to German company Ganter.
It was organized a standardized WebService in order to manage Elesa+Ganter, Elesa UK and Elesa France site.
Are exported to html the pages of EKR Selector for the Elesa Europe site, edited by Triboo.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Reduction of realization time of the catalog.
  • Reduction of timetomarket of the product page.
  • Creation of catalogs in many language variants and markets.