World leader hoods for domestic use


Attention to design, choice of materials and advanced technology are the elements that distinguish Elica on the market for over 40 years and have enabled the company to revolutionize the traditional image of kitchen range hoods for domestic use.
  • Cooker hoods.
Catalogs in Elica
Given the complexity of the catalogs, Elica did not have a flexible tool for the communication of its products.
The production of catalogs was customized for the markets in which the company operated and for different customers; as a result, there was a diversity of range, codes, contents and languages.
The production of catalogs was very articulate and also subject to the requirements of the market.
This implied an adaptation to the specific needs of customers, speed in realization and constant alignment of the contents.
There was also the need to have information in an organized and available database.
With EKR-PE the most complete cross-media solution
After careful analysis of the data to be published and the information flow inside, EKR-PE was configured to act as a container of information from various sources (laboratory, technical office, marketing department).
Data are organized in two Excel tables that are reworked and imported in EKR-PE.
The table columns are hidden automatically based on the target market and the information is filtered and recombined.
In Elica has been set EKR-PE system primarily to deal with the production of printed catalog intended for distribution.
One possible development would be to integrate web pages and product documentation.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Data structure organized in an available database.
  • Reorganization more efficient of the workflow.
  • Attainment of the many variants of a very complex catalog.
  • Considerable reduction of realization time of the different versions of the catalog.