Solutions for automations and access control and parking management


It designs, produce and distributes internationally the most reliable solutions, innovative and secure for any need of automation and pedestrian and vehicular access control for residential and industrial use.
  • Automation for gates and barriers.
  • Entrances and automatic doors.
  • Parking and access control.
  • Motors for rolling shutters and awnings.
Specific products in Faac
The company before EKR-PE used a system of automatic layout.
It was a solution not very effective because it is limited to the realization of tables. Everything else was laid out manually.
This procedure involved high costs and time.
Reduction of costs and dynamic publishing of information
Faac needed a flexible platform that was able to communicate in a complete way the products rich in complex information and difficult to manage.
The company needed to be able to realize the various documents in certain times and costs.
The solution had to be set for the publication of the catalog and website.
A new working logic for a communication of the products
Through careful analysis, it was created a data structure well-labeled and ordered.
Data from the previous automatic system are now migrated in a transparent and integrated way from other contents.
The platform was designed for the communication of the products also in French and German headquarters.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Structured investment.
  • Logical and hierarchical organization of information, such as a warehouse.
  • A more structured and dynamic working method.
  • Reduction of realization costs of the publications in Italian and in foreign languages.