GFN Gibellato Forniture Nautiche

Nautical supplies


G.F.N. stands out not only for the marketing of marine products, but also in the production, constant technological research and application of new materials.
  • Boats - Ships.
  • Anchor - Mooring.
  • Hardware.
  • Upholstery - Ropes.
  • Control systems and guide.
  • Engine complements.
  • Home - Health - Plumbing - Pumps.
  • Electricity - Reporting.
  • Electronics - Instrumentation.
  • Furniture - Gifts.
  • Security - Sport.
  • Lubricants - Adhesives - Varnishes - Detergents.
The GFN product
GFN took too long time for the realization of the catalog also without translations.
He could not manage in an organized way the complexity of the catalog and the variety of each type of heterogeneous product consisting of different characteristics.
Catalogues in time
GFN had the need to have a system that would allow to get the catalogs in certain times.
Furthermore, had the need to be able to give a certain logic to all the information related to the specific products.
GFN had to organize all the contents for the publication of the catalog in different languages.
It was important to set also the solution for the creation of the website.
Site creation by EKR Selector
The strength in the GFN is now also to create the site with EKR Selector.
Thanks to the flexibility of EKR-PE, depending on the complexity of the product, you can create very different pages.
In addition to the catalog and the website, the EKR-EP platform is designed for the publication of the products on tablet.
GFN and EKR-PE, some possibilities:
The pages are made entirely by hand or automatically for the web, paper or tablet.
GFN can organized all the information, in order to research, select and change them quickly.
It manages to characterize each product accurately.
You can put in your tablet, in the web and in paper all the information obtaining different benefits such as:
The cross-searching.
Order intake directly from the tablet.
The display of interactive off-line contents.
The traceability of each displayed page.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Drastic reduction of the time needed to realize the catalog.
  • Layout of the catalog in four languages with only two clicks after the Italian.
  • A single working environment to contain all the information aggregated and traceable.
  • Considerable increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of communication.