Large kitchens plants


Always looking for innovative solutions for cooking, preparing and storing food, Gico ensures the highest standards of reliability and performance with less energy.
  • Hob.
  • Forni.
  • Refrigeration.
EKR-PE in Gico
Before EKR-PE documentation was managed in the traditional way.
Languages management was not efficient.
Often the products had incomplete information.
The company always proceeded with manual intervention and continuous corrections.
Gico needed to find a dynamic tool for ensuring the correctness and consistency of product information.
The contents had to be published in more languages and there was a need for a flexible system for translation management.
Get all the marketing documentation in certain times was necessary to allow a greater efficiency to the entire workflow.
With EKR-PE information is a wealth to give value to the communication of products
The contents were labeled and re-organized by a new logic.
Gico, developing databases internally, he quickly perceived the efficiency and quality of the results guaranteed by EKR-PE.
Publish with EKR-PE price lists, catalogs and marketing documents.
The complexity of the lists was resolved tangibly with the flexibility guaranteed by EKR Selector.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Elasticity of EKR-PE platform, to readapt any type of data.
  • Contents always correct and organized.
  • Reduction of time for the creation of all the documentation.
  • Publication of products in different languages.