Solutions for manual and automatic opening and closing of windows


The aim of Giesse is to operate professionally in accordance with the core values of Quality, Innovation and Design: in the conception, construction and marketing of solutions for manual and automatic opening and closing of doors and windows.
  • Zippers.
  • Joining elements.
  • Closures swing.
  • Door Latches.
  • Locks for sliding.
  • Accessories for sliding.
  • Components door.
  • Mechanisms for special types.
  • Bolts.
The Giesse products
Giesse could not transmit in a correct way the product information.
The catalog was complex and their products because of their characteristics varied with some frequency and for this reason was difficult to ensure a constant updating of data.
There are characterized according to their shape, their size and the type of material that was used.
The graphics also was quite complex.
In Giesse had become necessary to research a flexible tool for a more effective and immediate communication of products.
The platform was to ensure the publication of the catalog, the website and the tablet.
The environment should also be extended to price lists and technical sheets.
A dynamic platform to publish more quickly on different media
The structure of the product information is now completely reorganized.
The project began by studying the variations of the product, taking into account their variability and extensibility.
Each product type has different characteristics, and because of this different organizational logics.
It was realized the specific and target catalog in different languages and based on configuration options.
For the web and the tablet were created two different solutions: Business to Consumer and Business to Business.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Hierarchical creation of a well-organized warehouse.
  • Consistency of all information.
  • Automatic management in different languages.
  • Multi-channel publishing of products.