Dairy products field


Lattebusche is a modern production company that works exclusively with local milk to create a wide range of products.
  • Milk and milk products.
  • Fresh cheeses.
  • Aged cheeses.
  • Hard cheese.
  • Ice cream.
The technical sheets in Lattebusche
Lattebusche did not have an effective tool for the management of technical sheets.
The data in the sheets varied with some frequency and contents were not updated.
The technical sheets were made in a long time.
It was difficult to draw any change related to the values of the products.
The guarantee of quality certification, necessary for product distribution, required a constant update of data.
The creation of the technical sheets
Lattebusche needed a dynamic system for the creation of technical sheets for food product.
The company had also the need to create custom pages with certifications and customer data.
Considered the continuous changes of products based on the palletizing or change of chemical data, it was essential to ensure efficiency and correctness.
Technical pages of the product that are accurate and updated
EKR-PE now allows the management of product technical sheets by a process able to label and sort all the information and to collect data from various administrative and logistical management with chemical, biological, nutritional and allergen data to a specific product .
The result you get is a precise technical details of the product.
Through a special mechanism is indicated that, for some pages, certain data have changed.
Thanks to EKR-PE were reduced in a remarkable way the realization time of the sheets, and is possible to create pages with an articulated layout.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Dynamic realization of a process that can update all the changes.
  • Automatic mechanism that generates the sheets in one or more languages.
  • Traceability of all changes that come both from management and from the world of chemical, microbiological and allergens data.