World leader in hosiery machines


More than sixty years of experience and extensive know-how, a structure strongly oriented to the needs of the customer and constant technological innovation, make LONATI SpA a leader in the field of machines for Hosiery Circular.
  • Bravo series 900NL.
  • Woman series LA.
  • Goal serie GL.
  • Medical LA-ME.
Manuals in Lonati
The manuals of the machine presented considerable differences with the product itself and, consequently, was not updated.
The different variants that were described in the manual, sometimes they were not consistent with this.
All the machines had a display with the setting of the working way.
Manual in line with the product
The manuals of the machine had to be consistent with the product and be constantly updated.
Lonati was looking for a system to be used primarily for manual operator.
The environment should then be expanded to:
the realization of the use and maintenance manuals.
Accessories manuals.
Mechanics manuals.
the translation of the source file of programming.
the translation of the interface of the PC-side software that were used to program the machine.
A flexible mechanism in many variants of language
Data are organized in a complete way to ensure the consistency of all information and translated texts.
The workflow has changed from a standard and fixed logic to a more flexible and dynamic logic.
With EKR-PE, there is now a mechanism that reads the programming file of the machines, and redraws the language screen for the manuals.
There are no exceptions
The work is now planned and organized without limits.
Automatic are used only when emerges something very repetitive.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Realization of a complex manual in line with the product.
  • Possibility to extend the software to any other type of document.
  • Immediate output in more languages.
  • Manual connected to the machine software.