Replay Fashion Box



Founded in 1981, Fashion Box S.p.A. is today one of the major international leader in denim.
  • Jeans.
  • Shirts.
  • T-shirts.
  • Accessories.
The collection book in Replay
Replay did not have a shared enterprise environment of products.
In any season and for all brands, Replay had to produce the collection book.
The printed catalog was to be updated daily.
Replay needed a flexible system for managing the catalog on the iPad and paper.
A collection book always updated to ensure a perfect look
In Replay there is now a mechanism that can label all the information.
The system analyzes and organizes all the data in a complete way.
This environment allows to create both on paper and on tablet the publishing of products.
When certain products are no longer sold pages are updated.
In the updates there are changes.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Organized data structure.
  • Constant and immediate update of contents.
  • Resetting of catalog realization time.
  • App for the iPad always updated.