Rivolta Group

Consumables for car - equipment for tyre repairer


Rivolta Automotive since 1951 is a leader in the field of four wheels with two divisions: consumer products and equipment.
  • Consumer products.
  • Products equipment.
  • Application manuals.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets.
Catalogs in Rivolta
The complex information were not organized and structured.
The costs for the realization of the catalogs were too high.
Languages management was inefficient.
Rivolta had the need for a dynamic environment to realize the catalogs (bikes, machinery, equipment and industrial components) in four languages and in four different prices.
Rivolta had a strong need for a flexible system for creating pages with different structures.
The contents, at a later stage, had to be published on the web for e-commerce and tablet.
Thanks to the flexibility of EKR-PE pages with different structures and customizable
Rivolta now creates catalogs in several languages and in several versions of price, and each page has a different structure from the previous.
The product manager enters the data of the product.
The graphic office reads data and selects them, in order to lay out them in a variable way on each page.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Flexibility of EKR-PE.
  • Catalogues in many variants of language.
  • Reduction of the production time of catalogs.