Production of plastic containers and filling


With 20 years of experience in the production of plastic containers and filling, SIPA has accumulated a wealth of experience in all technologies available for the construction and filling of bottles.
  • Bottle production machines.
  • Filling monoblock.
  • Process.
  • Secondary packaging.
  • Complete lines.
  • Molds.
Manuals in Sipa
In Sipa was difficult to manage the whole process of realization of the various manuals.
It was made too much manual activity with a considerable waste of time in the correction of the contents.
Sipa needed a flexible system for the production of manuals and, more specifically, for the management of the training manual, maintenance manual and molds manual.
The manuals being very articulate, with similar information divided among the various offices of the company, had to be rearranged in a precise and consistent way.
A manual more innovative with EKR-PE
Thanks to EKR-PE all the information were labeled and organized.
It was applied the conditionality for the lines of machinery.
The manual is connected with the configurator SAP for the filtering of contents and is imported the business glossary.
And was created a manual for SINGLE JOB.
The next development will be predisposed to an interactive manual operator on the machine on the display machine.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Coherent and well-organized contents in a single working environment.
  • Correct communication between offices for the creation of layout.
  • Drastic reduction of time in the creation of manuals of new machines: from 2 months to 2 weeks.