Studio Vega

Technical documentation


The technical documentation is an essential tool to add value to any industrial product.
  • Technical documentation and manuals.
  • Certification and products safety.
  • Technical drawing and design.
Technical communication of products
Studio Vega did not have a dynamic system to manage contents and to give them a structural logic.
It did not have a publishing environment of contents on different media.
To grow organically Studio Vega needed to organize contents.
It also wanted to differentiate themselves by offering to customers an innovative way.
To guarantee our customers a higher level Studio Vega needed a flexible tool to provide not only the distribution but also the management of the content.
With EKR-PE to transmit the information in an effective way and in reduced times
Starting with an important customer, it was decided to completely reorganize the contents of 3 types of manuals.
The information has not been divided into a document logic but according to the bill of materials of the products.
The manuals are created by filtering the contents depending on the model of the selected machine.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • Modularization of contents.
  • Approach to the manual in a much more organized and efficient way.
  • Reduction of translation costs.
  • Greater consistency of information.
  • Publication in different media.