Products for professional cleaning


Italian company active since 1987 in the development and production of systems for professional cleaning.
  • Systems for the cleaning of the surfaces.
  • Washing systems.
  • Multifunctional systems.
  • Systems of collection of waste.
  • Management systems of the laundry.
  • Reporting systems.
The products in TTS
TTS managed contents manually.
Each product had a specific group of complex data.
Some products were described in a few lines, while others are on different pages.
In TTS, had to be introduced a system for the management of the catalog and commercial technical sheets.
The environment should then be extended to the publication of the tablet.
Considerated the products extremely heterogeneous, it was important to find a flexible tool to label the different features.
Stop with mess! EKR-PE to reorganize all the information in order to communicate them in record time
EKR-PE now allows to organize not only the textual and table data, but also to put in order the images of each product (the main detail, set, etc.).
These images are aggregated with a number of very specific information that include descriptive parts, quality names, instructions, description of the strengths and description of the features.
In the tablet version, traceability is achieved through a usage report.
The report lists the pages viewed by each customer during the visit of the agent.
It also allows to get accurate information about every user even if is not part of the sales network.
EKR-PE Benefits
  • High degree of flexibility.
  • Creation of complex documents while maintaining total consistency of information.
  • A single container of the elements of knowledge aggregates, with traceability backwards.