• Allows you to insert the contents of one or more pages within complex structures
  • Publish native files for InDesign, or Html5 for tablet applications and Web
  • It allows you to build templates to lay out hundreds of pages with one click


Selector is the only software completely oriented to the publication on different media.Its specific features makes it not comparable to any other CMS software or plugin of automatic layout. Here are some:
  • Automatic management of images in high and low resolution depending on the type of publication
  • Creation of conditional document on the basis of external files
  • Automatic import of data from external (prices of catalogs etc.)
  • Automatic combination to the database of translations
  • Setting of publication styles from Adobe InDesign (automatic generation of css for web)
  • Creation of table report with information of different documents
  • Import of variable texts, which can be activated by one or more profiles
  • Controlled updating of data in the document
  • Creation of elastic templates
  • Development of hierarchical structures in order to organize data and documents
  • Automatic layout with flow or fixed template