EKR-PE Author

Un prodotto per gli autori e i Knowledge workers

  • A single environment to collect all enterprise contents: texts, pictures, tables, video
  • The contents are released from the final graphical form, providing full autonomy to the graphic office
  • For a freedom of expression limited only by the imagination

EKR-PE Selector

The main structure of EKR-PE

  • Allows you to insert the contents of one or more pages within complex structures
  • Publish native files for InDesign, or Html5 for tablet applications and Web
  • It allows you to build templates to lay out hundreds of pages with one click

EKR-PE Translator

The operator of translation memories

  • Exports and imports the sentences to translate from any structured document
  • Keeps in the company translation memory
  • Exports texts on Excel tables
  • Manages more contexts of independent translation

EKR-PE Presenter

A group of scripts for every environment of publication

  • To layout in InDesign
  • Generate app for Tablet (iOS or Android)
  • Create small websites or individual html pages (Newsletter)

EKR-PE Finder

The tool to look for translated texts

  • A small tool to view and edit all translated sentences
  • Manages the business glossary
  • Allows you to insert images and descriptions to the individual sentences
  • Manages obsolete strings