Catalogues, price lists and brochures

Communicate better, communicate more!

«In the last two months I have not done anything but continue to update the prices in the catalog»

«They asked me to enlarge the pictures of all the products, and I had to spend a whole day to edit in InDesign»

«I have the catalog in Italian ready, but for the Chinese translation company makes me wait 10 days, because it had to translate it»

«I wish the codes, prices and sizes of the product were loaded in some way by the management, but currently I copy and paste by hand and I can not keep track of all the changes»

With the EKR-PE solution:
  • Prices and sizes are loaded automatically by the management
  • You can create infinite elastic layout
  • translations are managed separately from layout
The layouts are:
  • configurables by market/customer
  • graphically perfect: ready for printing without manual changes
  • Publication on mobile devices, interactive
  • Integrated with video
  • The tablet keeps track of use data
  • Each page can have a different structure from the other, constructed by hand or with templates