Manual and spare parts catalog integrated

As you browse the user jumps to the tables spare parts with a single click and avoid mistakes and wasted time!

«Always in our company the manual and the spare parts catalog are separate documents»

«The maintainer, following the directions in the manual, find the parts to be replaced based only on a name or a picture. Then he has to open the "binder" of the spare parts catalog to search for the specific board. Having find the table he want, he need to copy "by hand" the code of the spare part and communicate it with e-mail or call the purchasing department to make to order»

«Often the catalog or the manual is not updated and the search for the code to be replaced becomes impossible unless the help of our call center»

The manual is inserted into the tablet, complete with video and 3D images
  • The interactive manual contains the updated codes which can be ordered with a few «taps»
  • The app allows you to zoom in and see the details of each component to be ordered, including indications of any codes of consumables products
  • Order the component with a click, eliminating errors of copy-paste of codes