Collection book and order entry

Renew the look of your collection book!

«I need to quickly manage sales in the showroom»

«I wish the collection books were always updating, but it is impossible to follow any changes. The design office has no resources for this activity!»

«I do not want standard layout, I have specific needs»

«Today, I write on paper the various orders and then I copy them into an Excel»

«We evaluated web solutions, but often in temporary showrooms there are connection problems»

The data collection (colors/sizes/delivery/availability):
  • are entered and validated online in a web environment
  • are compared to existing data before loading
With data changes are automatically updated:
  • the environment where orders are inserted
  • the app for tablet
  • Catalogs
  • Open environment to any existing system and easily adaptable to any requirement
  • Output of high-quality graphics without bond both on paper and on interactive media
  • Viewing of images in multiple formats (zoom and details)
  • The catalogs can follow different sequences of the hierarchy of products to facilitate the subsequent insertion of the order
  • Can be used both online and offline!