Paper-web-tablet integration

Stop with copy and paste!

«The marketing department of my company goes to independent channels: those who create paper and PDF, those who work on the site and those who manage the first apps on tablet»

«The number of products to be managed is increasing, the languages have increased and it is difficult to respond with flexibly to the needs of the market»

«The PDF when printed on paper ensures a good result but when viewed on the web because of the size of the monitor is not correct while on the tablet requires continuous transformations»

«All I do is copy and paste, my business is based only on a constant realignment of media»

The EKR-PE solution:
  • enrich the site with the information found usually on paper
  • provides users with a single environment and a single way of working
  • allows the use of a coherent language in all documents
  • Use one software to publish on paper, web and tablet
  • Use templates simple to create
  • Creates complex pages automatically