Web pages of product

Take control of your site!

«I would like to add some information and additional images to a specific product, but the form of the current site not let me do it»

«I lost another afternoon to explain to the web agency how to create another template for a new kind of products»

«My company sells various types of products online, from the vines to the whole machine, and it is difficult to pigeonhole the information provided in the various templates»

The EKR-PE solution:
  • manages infinite templates
  • allows to add or remove information from the page to your liking
  • can connect directly to management and keep alive any updating of price or feature
  • shows a preview before publication on the website
  • manages a workflow of multilingual publishing
  • Each page can have a custom layout
  • The data structure is fully extensible
  • The styles are created and edited in Adobe InDesign