More markets, more languages

EKR-PE, one visa to travel to your company all over the world!

«The global context drives our company to more distant markets»

«I can not publish in Arabic because the tools at my disposal does not allow me to do so»

«The translation is often inconsistent and requires a huge effort»

«So many things are translated over and over again because they are required by various people in the company»

«The cost of translation includes language layout»

The translations are inserted into a single shared container
    • ensures consistency, accuracy and cost savings of translation both inside and outside
    • manages an unlimited number of languages in time and with low management costs
    • Communicative coherence over time
    • Having done the Italian layout, different language versions can be obtained in a few minutes
    • Translation memories are always available in the various offices to any document, and can be searched, modified or integrated