Integrated order collection

Amaze your customers!

«The data catalogs which provide the marketing department to the agents always need supplements, leaflets, or changes in pen»

«Print catalogs cost, and we have to print less and less»

«I can not understand if my business has really shown what is new on the customers»

«I want to bring to the fair more product information, but it does not make sense to print all»

«Often the sellers send me orders with wrong code forcing the customer service call to the customer to define the order»

With the EKR-PE solution for collection of orders you can:
  • be sure of the availability of what you sell thanks to the connection with the management
  • remove the printed paper
  • send report back of the order to the customer via e-mail
  • have a product catalog always updating
The tablet (iOS, Android):
  • The app works offline
  • As soon as it is online, send all pending orders to the server
  • is always updating and organized
  • tracks and logs all visited pages
  • the app can be downloaded independently by the customer
  • It updates via the cloud
  • The product pages can have endless layout
  • You can associate the product video
  • It is visible stock availability