Design and preparation of documentation

The desired results with less effort

«The ability of the technical office is saturated and can not take the time to restructure the current documentation»

«The outside agency that prepares the manuals often gives us lead times that are too long»

«In the company technical staff is very familiar with the machines, but there is not a contact person to coordinate the preparation of manuals in accordance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC), so we always have to lean to external agencies»

With EKR-PE full service:
  • EKR takes care of the entire process, ensuring well-defined results
  • translations are managed separately from layout
  • the company can choose at any time to continue the work done by EKR
  • A full-service, without worries
  • The whole process is managed by highly qualified consultants
  • You can choose at any time if you go by the logic of service to the internal management of the documentation with EKR-PE
  • All the advantages of structured technical documentation, without having to train the personal