Financial reports and budget books

The consolidated budget in record time!

«Create the ultimate book budget has been really difficult»

«Although the IT department has helped us a lot, we were unable to get a graphically beautiful budget book to be distributed to the shareholders»

«The copy-paste of our graphic often leads to mistakes, and you have to revise continually the tables in the layout»

With the EKR-PE solution numeric values of the layout
  • are always updating
  • are inserted into the tables and in the text
Data can be attached from multiple sources:
  • ERP
  • excel tables
  • export text
  • Writing texts we can link the numerical references to tables
  • Created Budget book in Italian, translate it becomes easy
  • The names of the accounts and references are written and translated in the same way
  • In addition to the data management, data can also be imported from simple excel tables